The Best Quality of Water!

The best quality of potable water must meet ten conditions:
1) It must be colorless and transparent;
2) it must be free of odor;
3) it must be free of any foreign taste although sapid, such as the taste of the water of the Nile and that of the Euphrates;
4) it must be light and of delicate con- sistency;
5) it must flow as surface water that issues from good and uncontaminated grounds all depending on the purity of the precipitation before it reaches the ground;
6) it must travel a good distance from its underground source before collecting it;
7) it must be flowing water, exposed to the sun and the air, and not hidden from the natural bleaching or decontamination process under the sun’s rays;
8) it must have a high flow rate where it is collected for drinking;
9) it must be flowing and in large volume to help remove excesses and contaminated materials that collected or seeped into the streams; and finally,
10) water is best when it flows from the north to the south, or from the west to the east.

Source: at Tibb an nabawi by imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah


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