What is your attitude!

The attitude of the believer after any season of obedience should be:

1) Rejoice عبادة الفرح

The believer should feel happy that Allah guided him to perform the good deeds during these days.

Allah sends angels who inspire good deeds in the hearts of the believer.

It is He who guides the believer and makes it easy for him to perform the good deed.

2) Gratefulness عبادة الشكر

To be grateful that Allah enabled one to reach this season and helped one perform the good deeds.

We need to thank Allah profusely for opening the gates of good deeds in order that we may increase in faith. This blessing is only from Allah.

Many people planned to do good deeds but they were not helped and guided to do good deeds.

This is why we need to sit in solitude and think.

Talk to yourself, remind yourself of Allah’s blessings, in order to thank Him as he deserves.

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