Congratulating the infidels in their holidays?

Ibn Taymiah said (329/25):
” لا يحل للمسلمين أن يتشبهوا بهم في شيء مما يختص بأعيادهم، لا من طعام ولا لباس ولا اغتسال ولا إيقاذ نيران، ولا تبطيل عادة من معيشة (كجعله يوم عطلة) أو عبادة أو غير ذلك، ولا يحل فعل وليمة ولا الإهداء ولا البيع بما يستعان به على ذلك لأجل ذلك ولا تمكين الصبيان ونحوهم من اللعب الذي في الأعياد ولا إظهار زينة”
“Muslims are not permitted to imitate them in anything relating to their holidays; whether it is food, clothes, having wash, setting fire, stopping one of the acts of life (e.g. making it a vacation day), specifying worship in it or any other thing. Also, it is not lawful to make banquet, present gift, sell something facilitates the celebration, give the children opportunity to play the games of the holidays or have decorations.”

Ibn Al-Qayim said in Ahkam Ahl Az-Zimah (441/1):
وأمّا التهنئة بشاعائر الكفر المختصة به فهي حرام بالاتفاق مثل أن يهنئهم بأعيادهم وصومهم، فيقول عيد مبارك عليك أو تهنأ بهذا ونحوه، فهذا إن سلم قائله من الكفر فهو من المحرمات، وهو بمنزلة أن يهنئه بسجوده للصليب، بل ذلك أعظم إثما عند الله واشد مقتا من التهنئة بشرب الخمر وقتل النفس وارتكاب الفرج الحرام ونحوه، وكثير ممن لا قدر للدين عنده يقع في ذلك ولا يدري قبح ما فعل فمن هنأ عبدا بمعصية أو بدعة أو كفر فقد تعرض لمقت الله وسخطه
“As for presenting congratulations for the rituals of disbelief; it is unanimously prohibited. This is like congratulating them for their holidays and fasting by saying: ‘Happy holiday’ or ‘Be pleased with this’ or any other phrase. If the one who says such phrases escaped from infidelity, he would have committed an evil act. It is like congratulating the polytheist for prostrating himself for the cross; rather it is more detested and graver, in the eyes of Allah, than congratulating them for drinking wine, killing innocent self, committing illegal sexual intercourse and such acts. Actually, many of those who have nonchalance toward religion commit this and do not feel the gravity of their doing. Indeed whoever congratulates a servant for committing a sin, new creation in the religion or act of infidelity has made himself subject to the wrath and discontent of Allah.”

Its an opportunity for dawah!

1) inquire about the root of the festival and ask them to explain?

2) do i need to celebrate it? If so will they celebrate ramadan with you?

3) if there is issues of islamic belief involved, violation of tawheed, messengers, then its your duty to clarify.

4) sit down and have a intellectual discussion!

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