Internal weakness of the muslim ummah

Indeed, the weakness started in the Ummah internally. 

This weakness is in the following two primary aspects: 

Weak Islamic understanding, and bad implementation of Islam.

  1. Weak Islamic Understanding: This affected many Muslims. 

It led to the following:

  • Wrong understanding for some aspect of the Islamic Aqeedah, emergence of many different groups and sects that got away from the straight path, and that were influenced by the non-Islamic philosophies. The concept of Al-Qada’ and Al-Qadar was misunderstood. Also, the concept of Tawakul (depending) on Allah (S.W.T.) was misunderstood.
  • Misconception of the meaning of Ibadah to the point that it is misunderstood as being restricted to the rituals of worship only.
  • Misunderstanding the concept of Zuhd and the means to purify the soul and being influenced by the non-Islamic spiritualities. This curbed the private and the public Islamic life.

2.   Bad Implementation of Islam:

This led to the following:

  • Not ruling with what Allah (S.W.T.) revealed concerning the life of people, and importing man-made laws.

  • Not taking seriously the duty of enjoining good and forbidding evil.

  • Not taking seriously the duty of delivering the Da’wah and conveying the message of Islam to all people.

  • Ending Jihad for the sake of Allah (S.W.T.), with which corruption is removed from the face of the earth by carrying the Da’wah and protecting it.

  • Not taking seriously the moral aspect of Islam and bad social relationships amongst people.

Indeed, Allah (S.W.T.) has blessed this Ummah so much. 

The greatest blessing is the Islam, the Deen of Allah. 

The Ummah embraced this blessing with the correct understanding and complete implementation for its rules. 

With that, it was the greatest Ummah raised for humanity and led people in all fields and for centuries. 

But, when it let go of this great blessing by not making the effort to understand it and correctly implement it, then Allah (S.W.T.) sent His punishment. 

Allah (S.W.T) said in surat Al-Anfal, (Verses 53), what can be translated as, “That is so because Allah will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their own selves…”

After the Ummah was powerful, it became weak. 

After it was the leader, it became a follower. 

After it was one, it became divided. 

After it was at peace, it became fearful….


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