Why fasting was ordained?

1- Accustoming bodily organs to stop from committing sins as the meaning of fasting is not abstaining from desires and lusts but it means that bodily organs abstain from forbidden things such as lie, backbiting, and ill-gotten money, using hands and tonuge in aggression, and so on; perhaps a fasting person gets no reward of his fasting but only suffers hunger and thirsty.
2- Accustoming oneself to fear Allah, for fasting is a secret between a servant and his Lord, therefore fasting was a guide to good manners and cultivation to souls for fear that they might slide into sins.

3- Accustoming oneself to patience because of a fasting person’s patience on food and drink.

4- Accustoming oneself to pity and compassion with the needy so that the rich would know the pain of hunger and accordingly they pity the poor.

5- Accustoming oneself to have meals in certain times.

6- Strengthening one’s stomache by make it rest from food and drink for one month.

7- Drawing nearer to Allah through obedience, especially the optional Night Salah and reciting the Qur’an.


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