How Can We Get Our Daughters Accustomed to Hijab?

Sheikh Abd Al-Khaliq Ash-Sharif
Source: Our Daughters & Hijab

Islamic obligations, as all Muslims know, are imposed only on every mature, sane Muslim.

Nevertheless, Islam urges Muslims to start to acquaint their children with prayer at the age of seven, and to beat them, but not harshly, if they neglect it at the age of ten, The Prophet’s Companions got their children used to fasting before the age of puberty.

Islam also allows Muslims to accompany their children to mosques and to Hajj even before the children reach puberty, and Allah rewards them for that. 

So, the question arises, how can we get our daughters accustomed to wearing Hijab?

Some suggestions:

1. To get small girls accustomed to wearing long clothes, even if they were wide trousers and blouse, when they are at seven years of age.

2. To make the girl accustomed to covering her hair by wearing a scarf, even a short one, on her head by the age of ten.

3. At the age of puberty the family should oblige the daughter to wear the Hijab and to abide by its specifications and conditions, which will be discussed later. These steps prepare the daughter to accept wearing the Hijab pleasantly and naturally. It is better to let her live as a human being and not as a machine that is directed automatically by pressing a switch.

4. The mother should carefully monitor the changes in her daughter’s body and the development of her sexual maturity. This is because some girls seem older due to having a larger physique. They reach puberty at an earlier age. Therefore, the mother should not look on her daughter as a child, focusing only on her age while being oblivious of her growing maturity, because other people do not see her in the same way.

5. Some of the things that make wearing the Hijab easy for girls include the kind of upbringing she receives in her house, the Islamic morals and values implanted in her, along with her family’s glorification of and adherence to Allah’s obligations and rules. 

6. Appropriate comments should be made by the family on what the girl sees of women making a dazzling display of themselves, like the women of the former times of Jahiliyyah (pre-Islamic era), to arouse men’s lustful desires.

7. Speaking about the distinct beauty of the Hijab and the gravity of shyness that it adds to the girl who wears it,

8. Emphasizing that: “Whoever holds in honor the Rites of Allah (in the sacrifice of animals), such (honor) should come truly from piety of heart.” (Surah Al-Hajj: 32), and that hastening to the obedience of Allah is a sign of strong faith, and shedding light on the Companions’ example in fleeing to Allah’s way in everything they did.

9. Mentioning the many healthy benefits of wearing the Hijab such as protecting one’s complexion and hair from the harmful rays of the sun, from the severe cold, etc.

10. The mother should clearly explain to her daughter the psychological and social advantages resulting from wearing the Hijab, Explaining the benefits of wearing the Hijab, Allah says, “… that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested …” (Surah Al-Ahzab: 59). Wearing the Hijab, indeed, reflects the girl’s righteousness and accordingly protects her from the rudeness and insults of immoral and corrupt persons.

11. Before all this and along with it, we should implant in our daughter’s hearts strong belief in Allah, the importance of obeying Him and the fruits of that to be found in attaining Paradise and fleeing from the Hell-fire by virtue of Allah’s Mercy.

After all, we ask for the help of Allah, as true guidance is the Guidance of Allah, and He guides therewith, whom He pleases.

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