Renewal of Methods In Dawah

The Daee (caller to islam) should continually renew their methods. 

The Daee (caller to islam) should not depend on one style because the listener may become bored. 

The listener may also think that the The Daee (caller to islam) only knows this style in his field of da’wa and experience and may even mock at the The Daee (caller to islam) and turn away from him. 

Da’wa should be presented in a beautiful and adorned style to be accepted by people generally. 

The Daee (caller to islam) can try many styles in their da’wa to come up with the most suitable one for each person or group of people. 

The da’wa must be presented only when it is needed like a medicine that is prescribed by doctors only when it is required. 

The Prophet (‎ﷺ‎‬) took care of his companions with regard to preaching, by choosing a suitable time, so that they might not become bored, although it would not happen because they were ever ready to take heed of the da’wa.

The prophets of Allah and the callers of truth proceeded with their mission in many ways. 

The Glorious Qur’an expressed this fact many times, so the preacher should vary the means he uses. 

The person receiving the da’wa might not understand the idea in one way but may understand it through another.

The Glorious Qur’an does not only use one style but uses a variety of styles in inviting people to Islam. 

Sometimes the Glorious Qur’an uses encouragement or intimidation and at other times, it uses the narrative style or gives examples. 

It gives examples of the conditions of the past nations and what happened to them and it mentions facts concerning the unseen. 

The successful The Daee (caller to islam) is the one who attracts the attention of the listeners and does not allow them to get bored.

By: Shaikh Hamad Ibn Nasir Ibn ‘Abdur-Rahman Al ‘Ammar.


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