What is patience?

It is that which describes any good deed that a person does, and it differs depending on the deed itself:

• If it is keeping oneself from expressing grief in a case of calamity, it is called patience.

• If it is in a battle, it is called courage.

• If it is used when abstaining from talking, it is called discretion. 

• If it is renouncing excessiveness in life (worldly enjoy- ment), it is called Zuhd (asceticism). 

• If it is used to guard oneself from sexual temptation, it is called chastity. 

• If is to keep oneself away from the temptation of food, then it is called self- exaltation (nobility). 

• And if is to control one’s anger, then it is called toler- ance (forbearing).

Indeed, it is clear that most of man’s noble states stem from being patient.

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