Problems of Personalized Da`wah

The personalized or person to person da`wah plays the basic role in the success of propagating the message of Islam.

The output of this kind of da`wah depends to a large extent on the da`iah’s education, qualifications, wisdom, skills, patience and endurance, preparedness to respond whenever da`wah opportunity comes, how much he/she is organized, how he/she sets his/her priorities, and how he/she deals with the challenges and the problems.

To guarantee the success and survival of person to person da`wah, there have to be some sort of supervision and guidance to keep the da`iah always determined, encouraged, devoted, and active. 

Because, as it is expected, problems and difficulties will arise; and they have to be handled in proper manners in order to achieve the desirable results.

In fact, lack of supervision and management is one of the biggest challenges, this kind of da`wah is facing.

Here are some observations that shed light on the nature of these problems and difficulties:

1- The unprofessional, da`iah who is practicing Islam, yet lacking adequate training as well as communication skills.

2- The outdated, conservative da`iah who is unaware of contemporary issues and modern life challenges, although he/she may have good religious education.

3- The un-practicing da`iah who contradicts what he/she preaches.

4- The impatient da`iah who thinks that his/her Da’wah is going slowly, and ineffective.

5- The so called modern da`iah who compromises Islam to fit into modern life style.

6- The disorganized da`iah who wastes his/her time and efforts in useless or unimportant activists.

7- The part-time da’iah whose commitment and response to da`wah opportunities is inadequate.

8- Lack of financial resources.

9- Lack of support from spouse, family, friends, or Muslim communities in general.

10- Lack of suitable Da’wah material.

11- The unavailability of follow up programs to guide and moderate the da`iah’s work.

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